Project Description

UK based products company partnered with Stanra for Architecture, Design, Development, Publishing and DevOps of their wrist band based fitness application involving complex analytics.

Customer expects to sell hundreds of thousand of devices  and the requirement is that for each of these devices and associated white labeled Mobile app integrate seamlessly with the server for Analytics and receive the required analysis. Customer wants to integrate a wearable device with mobile and build a rich UI application to run on IOS and Android


  • React Native

    • Development of UI and application comprising of 65 screens. Integration of the wrist band supplier provided native SDKs for Android and iOS with the mobile APP
  • Product Development

    • Complete development of React Native mobile app along with integration with native SDKs provided by wrist band manufacturer
    • Architecture and design of Server on microservice and AWS Lambda Architecture
    • Development of Analytics Module for continuous aggregation, summarization, correlation and regression
    • Design and development of Admin Module using React JS
    • Development of REST API for integration between Server and Mobile App
  • Performance Testing

    • Built test bed on AWS and executed load and endurance test for 100K concurrent mobile App users
  • Analytics

    • Health Analysis – Heart Rate Pattern, Sleep Pattern, BMI etc, and correlation analysis over time scale
  • DevOps

    • Mobile Application code build and release automation using MS AppCentre
  • Technology -Microservices, AWS Lambda, Neo4J, DynamoDB, React Native, React JS, Java 8, Spring Boot