Project Description

UK based fintech company partnered with Stanra to build a full service portal for automobile consumers to address all the needs a typical consumer may have. For example multi-brand car showrooms can engage a customer from the time of walk-in till he walks out with a car. The end to end platform, helps in car selection, accessories selection, warranty support, access to a select financing companies, credit check with a retail credit rating agency, link to bank loan application, and actual purchase.

To design and build a microservices based API infrastructure based product to be offered as a service on cloud.


  • Product Development

    • Architecture and design of Server on microservice and AWS Lambda Architecture
    • Full Stack development includes web front end, admin module, server, database and DevOps
    • Development of Analytics Module for trend analysis, customer behavior and preferences etc.
    • Design and development of Admin Module using React JS
    • Development of REST API for integration between Server and front end
  • DevOps

    • Infrastructure setup on AWS
    • Continuous build and integration and testing.
  • Technology – AWS, Microservices, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, MySql, AngularJS, Java 8, Spring Boot,