Stanra focuses on innovation to transform our customer’s business to help them lead through profitable growth

Our Service Offerings

Application Services

Serverless, containerised and microservices DevOps, Automated Workflows, CI/CD Implementation Product Development Customised Application Development

Cloud Solutions

Migration Planning, Services Configuration, Deployment and Management of Workloads, Ongoing Cost Optimization, Automation and Dashboards.

Data & AI

Custom AI – leverage customer AI and ML models in vision, video,text, speech and natural language understanding Conversational AI – build, deploy and manage.

Staffing Services

Bring specialised expertise on project-specific basis or augment in-house IT through senior technology consultants

Stanra takes pride in solving the unique problems which our customers face so that they can focus on their core business. In order to explore how Stanra team can help you simplify, transform and accelerate, write to us at info@stanratech.com.