Project Description

Netherland based, global mobile ad network bringing 50+ publishers and 300+ advertisers together. The network applies extensive rule based tools to run targeted ad campaigns. The networks runs 1 Billion+ daily impressions and runs 1000+ daily campaigns

The Network faced availability and scalability issues after moving to cloud, despite shifting  to a much larger infrastructure than actually required, and paying much high cost.

Stanra analyzed the application and identified code level and cloud configuration level issues. Our team introduced changes and best practices across application.

  • Advisory – AWS infrastructure redesign and cost reduction to 25%,

  • Application Performance Engineering

    • Application code refactoring and Data layer redesign to reduce CPU usage and time taken for DB operations
    • Application scaling from 20M txns/day to 85M txns/day on reduced infrastructure
  • Product Development

    • Built Fraud detection and prevention module
    • Rule based auto assignment and auto redirection of campaigns and auto blocking
    • Integration with global IP database
    • Built web crawler in Python to trace to advertisement redirection
  • Managed Service –

    • Ongoing Application and Infrastructure monitoring and maintenance
  • Performance Testing

    • Built test bed on AWS and executed load and endurance test
  • Analytics

    • Advertiser wise, publisher wise and campaign wise, geo wise real time performance analytics and revenue leakage prediction
  • DevOps

    • Application code build and release automation
  • Digital integration

    • API Integration with Advertisers and Publishers using AWS API Gateway. Development of API dashboard to monitor and control API usage.