After one year of successful Advisory Services, Stanra is now proud to launch Architects Guild, a team of highly accomplished Industry Experts.

Customers across the global can approach Architects Guild to:
1. Validate or enhance their understanding of specific technology areas by interacting with experts
2. Solve specific business and technical problems
3. Validate a concept through a proof of concept
4. Keep abreast of latest industry developments

And there are opportunities for the members too:
1. Consult and interact whenever you are comfortable about a given topic and have the time for it.
2. Enhance your professional network
3. Enhance your own knowledge base in the process
4. Earn an honorarium fee in appreciation of the time/effort spend
5. Go beyond what you are doing and follow your passion

Through 20+ experts in Advisory Services, Stanra Tech Solutions is bringing Industry wide experience, industry best practices and deep technology expertise in cloud services, digital integration and superior human interfaces.

If you believe you have passion to solve technology problems and are keen to join this forum then please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.