At the end of 2018, AWS launched AWS Amplify to help developers build and launch apps using the full suite of AWS tools and services. By allowing developers to configure the backends, manage external content, connect apps and deploy static web apps instantly, AWS Amplify provides a complete package for quickly and securely building applications. In this article, we will explore the major components of AWS Amplify and key features that would make it the first choice of many developers.

Features and Benefits of AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify simplifies the development of applications through a wide range of open-source libraries and UI components that can be used with the service in addition to having the ability to add cloud functionalities. Having a Git-like workflow and Amplify CLI means that the users can choose their way of working and each has several advantages attached to them. But right now, we want to focus more on the major features and benefits and set apart the offerings from AWS Amplify to deliver high business value to its customers.

1. Advanced Analytics  

The analytical capabilities of AWS Amplify are geared towards increasing customer engagement with your app or website. You can use auto-tracking to follow customer activities and get real-time data feeds that can help you analyze your strategy and develop better marketing campaigns. You can leverage Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Kinesis; advanced analytics services provided by AWS to simplify and smoothen your software architecture.

2. Improved Customer Experience

Having the ability to derive meaningful insights from customer data using advanced analytics is just one advantage of delivering an improved customer experience. AWS Amplify can talk between your application instances and the backend which will allow you to create real-time interactive experiences for your users.

3. AI and ML Services

AWS Amplify can integrate with Amazon’s machine learning services like Amazon SageMaker which you can include in the development of your application to deliver machine learning and AI-related features. Text translation, speech generation from text, interpreting speeches, transcribing audio and applying advanced tools to videos and images, all these tools become really easy to use. For example, chatbots can be implemented in your application to provide a virtual customer service experience that provides personalized information, recommend products, answer customer queries and even generate and convert new leads.

4. Data Security and Storage

So far, we have talked about providing a great experience for your customers and all that requires a great amount of personal data. AWS Amplify supports DataStore functionality for utilizing shared and distributed data for both offline and online use cases. You can securely sync data seamlessly between several synchronized applications with the help of Amazon AppSync and provide access to Amason S3.

Dealing with a large amount of distributed and cross-user data is also pretty simple. AWS Amplify allows you to manage your user-generated data through the use of three different types of storage buckets. Public, Organizational and Restricted. Further, AWS Amplify would let you manage the type of content and show analytics on how the data is being used.

The presence of Amazon S3 also allows you to scale your applications in the cloud, which means the transformation from a prototype to a full production application takes place in no time.

5. Simple to Use

AWS Amplify can directly be integrated into many of the native AWS services by using a solution-oriented approach. It means that you don’t really need to have an in-depth knowledge of AWS services. Amplify can provide direct features of components like Storage, Authentication and Analytics. Several advanced authentication features like having a User Directory, managing sign-ins, enabling MFA and recovering lost passwords, all of it become really simple by using AWS services. AWS Amplify provides developers with all the essential building blocks of application or website development to help them get started and deliver business value very quickly.

6. Faster Development

This brings us to our last point, Faster Development. By providing the developer with a simple and fast UI-driven approach towards mobile and web app development, AWS Amplify does not require them to code for the front end. The service has ready-made UI templates and components and can be used to simplify this task. Being a CL tool, it also helps the developers to rapidly experiment with changes or take advantage of the easy-to-use editor. AWS Amplify follows the basic principles of CI/CD and gives you the ability to release new versions of the app without having to wait for hours.

AWS Amplify is one of the easiest solutions when it comes to building fully functional applications with features of the cloud. If you’re in the AWS ecosystem then it should become really easy for you to start developing applications on it but if that’s not the case, we are here to help you out. Stanra Tech Solutions is a Select AWS Consulting Partner that can help with your business problems arising in cloud development. Connect with us or visit us on our website.