Cloud growth proportionate to business growth is Good Sprawl. But what if your cloud bills grow disproportionate to business growth and need?

Unplanned and/or unmanaged cloud brings in unused space, underutilized compute, unplanned storage growth, and unlimited number of virtual systems. Making it worse, we see many poorly used SaaS subscriptions. This will all add to financial burden and security risks. Bad Sprawl brings in avoidable costs, risks and will eventually take away your business competitiveness.

This sounds contrary to the fundamental concepts of cloud benefits.

We at Stanra, have seen that more than 50% of our customers had this problem of uncontrolled  cloud bills!!!  And getting worse month after month. This can be very taxing especially to small and mid- sized companies.

What can we do?

  • Planned Cloud Adoption
  • Effective cloud operations
  • Good Governance and Reporting
  • Reliability engineering – Regular capacity evaluation, security reviews and continuous optimization

Building application on cloud is routine, but unmanaged cloud infrastructure is also quite common.

At Stanra Tech Solutions, we design, manage your cloud services journey and can maintain your cloud environment optimally.


Stanly Thomas

Co-Founder & Global Sales Head, Stanra Tech Solutions