Initial Scenario: The business application was built to sell a much sought after product to customers on a first come first serve basis. The application was hosted on AWS and was expected to handle a load of 500K concurrent users. But the Application was crashing frequently, performance was inadequate and reliability was a big concern. Customer wanted Stanra to ascertain that the Application will perform and will withstand the expected load.

Stanra Contribution:
Analysed of the application code and advised conversion of the monolithic large transaction into smaller logically distinct transactions resulting into reduction of significant load on the servers

Set up of auto scaled production environment on AWS
Set up of a performance test environment using a fleet of servers to inject the required load
Carried out the following testing
Load testing gradually increasing the load up to 500K
Surge testing increments of 100K every 10s
Endurance testing with 500K load for one hour
500K hits per minute for one hour
Optimized Production Environment on AWS based on performance testing results

The application autoscaled as planned and all the tests ran successfully in the second iteration after incorporating the findings of the first iteration. The application was certified to take on the production load of 500K users. Application ran successfully on the go live day and successfully performing in production.

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