Initial Scenario: One of our customer runs a Digital Advertising Network. Advertisers push their advertising campaign feeds to the Platform through their individual APIs.  Whenever a new advertiser was to be on-boarded, the sales team requested IT Team, who built a custom interface for that advertiser. Sales team had to reach out to IT for any related business function e.g.  stop or pause a feed, change the frequency or to allow a specific type of campaigns, or to block certain campaigns.

As a result, business was taking longer time for advertiser on-boarding and subsequent business change. This was resulting into loss of revenue and lower customer satisfaction.

Stanra Solution:

  • Automated the on-boarding, deboarding, modification of advertisers feeds.
  • Created a self service module to configure a new Advertiser API
  • Created an API management control mechanism which a salesperson can use to make changes to the API feeds.
  • Created an API Dashboard to monitor business performance of each API feed. Sales team can see all the feeds configured in the system. Provided ability to Pause or stop or restart the API based on the quality of the advertising campaigns in the API feed.
  • Created provision to define campaign running rules. Automatically launched the selected campaigns on publishers sites based on these preconfigured rules.

Current State:

  • Advertiser onboarding has been reduced to few hours rather than a few days. Sales team is able to on-board advertisers on the spot with no dependency on technical team
  • A rules based automatically campaign launching increased sales staff efficiency
  • Sales person has better control on revenue due to real time control of the API feeds. If required sales person can stop an Advertiser/Campaign instantly with the click of a button

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